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Our research-based system supports Financial Professionals with tailored strategies to grow and differentiate their practice.

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The Problem

Financial Conversations Are
More Challenging Today

Advisors say:

“Differentiating and articulating the value of full-service financial advice is growing harder.”

“Applying behavioral finance theory is challenging and helping clients change behaviors is very hard.”

“I don’t have time to apply behavioral finance theory with each client.”

Investors say:

“Financial discussions feel scary and stressful.”

“My Advisor does not understand my communication preferences.”

“My parents’ Advisor does not know me.”

Our Solution

Straightforward tools that help financial professionals re-engage clients with tailored
advice and personalized suggestions.

Helping clients change behavior
Including the next generation
Facilitating efficient meetings
Engaging the entire household

What’s in the system?


Client-ready behavioral assessment

Financial Virtues™ is a behavioral finance survey tool that helps Advisors personalize interactions and better understand each client’s unique needs and preferences.



Behavioral Conversations Training

In-depth CE training to support teeing-up and conducting comprehensive behavioral conversations with actionable tips and data-driven strategies.



Self-directed Coaching

The AP Sales Agility® system brings personal coaching and consulting methods typically reserved for Fortune 500 enterprises and makes them accessible to individual Advisors. Our scalable tools position your practice for ongoing growth – all while being practical and easy to apply.



Personalized Conversations Pay Off

Close more prospects, faster

Better, more meaningful connections

Driving steady practice growth


The Financial Virtues Solution

Our signature advising solution uses a 5-minute survey to identify each investor’s unique approach to managing their money.

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Hear it from Clients

“I was surprised what little effort Financial Virtues took for the benefit it provided me.”

Burl, 59

“It’s awesome! The only topic that has ever caused friction in our marriage is financial decisions. Financial Virtues is a “game-changer” for these discussions.”

Joe, 57

“Where was Financial Virtues when I retired many years ago?  This would have helped an Orange Bull make better financial decisions!”

Ken, 73

“I loved how user friendly Financial Virtues was as well as giving me lots of valuable information about myself and how I approach financial decisions.”

Renee, 31
Why Atlas Point?

The Atlas Point Difference

Behavioral Science Applied

Character Science based report that highlights decision making styles and communication preferences.


Four investor profiles (Bulls™) and 19,000 report variations to address each client’s fears, needs, strengths, and stress behaviors.

Actionable Insights

Clear identification of behavioral biases and an action plan for guiding the conversation.


Tools that blend seamlessly with existing strategies for a comprehensive overall approach.

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