Behavioral science insights to kickstart practice growth.

Atlas Point transforms behavioral finance research into actionable insights that help advisors to refine client relationships and differentiate their approach to financial conversations. Our data-driven solutions are highly personalized, fully scalable, and primed for efficient integration with your existing tech stack. 

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Maximize Your Relationships With Financial Virtues

Atlas Point’s signature survey tool works by quickly assessing a client’s thoughts and feelings about managing their money. This information is then spun into two distinctive reports – one for the client and one for the advisor – that break down the insights into frameworks and strategies on how to communicate efficiently and effectively. The result: nuanced conversations driven by each client’s unique behavioral biases and decision-making tendencies.

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What you'll learn

How Financial Virtues Helps Experienced Advisors

  • Individualized approach that separates person-to-person advising from digital substitutes
  • Behavioral science-based strategies to accelerate client relationships and practice growth
  • Coaching frameworks that re-engage clients throughout the client life cycle

“Financial Virtues is the missing link to make the shift from a transactional relationship to an advisory relationship. There is no other tool at our disposal that does this.”

Kevin Irhke, CFP®, Investment Insights

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