Attract new clients and accelerate relationships with actionable insights.

Atlas Point supports financial advisors with behavioral finance-based solutions that identify each client’s key biases and decision-making tendencies.

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Differentiate Your Practice With Financial Virtues

Atlas Point’s signature survey tool works by quickly assessing a client’s thoughts and feelings about managing their money. This information is then spun into two distinctive reports – one for the client and one for the advisor – that break down the insights into frameworks and strategies on how to communicate efficiently and effectively. The result: a stronger advisor-client relationship that enables meaningful conversations and long-term financial growth.

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What you'll learn

How Financial Virtues Helps New Advisors

  • Holistic approach that attracts a diverse group of leads
  • Practical behavioral science-based strategies to accelerate client relationships
  • Coaching frameworks that re-engage clients throughout the client life cycle

“I just had the best conversation with a client, and it was because of the talking points in the Financial Virtues report.”

Shanna Tingom, AAMS®, CFDA®, Heritage Financial Strategies

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