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Dynamic keynotes about emotional value and why it is important, behavioral conversations, and identifying blind spots and sweet spots in the Advisor-Client relationship.

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Relevant content for the future of wealth management

You are looking for ways to inspire your field and equip your people with information they need as your business evolves. Finding relevant speakers with practical, high quality content is hard to find.

At Atlas Point, we’ve been communicating to audiences of all sizes for over 15 years delivering dynamic content that helps experienced Financial Professionals accelerate growth.

Financial Virtues

Behavioral finance and other academic theory is interesting but hard to apply.

In this talk, Carrie Nelson shares the financial strengths and virtues that matter most when it comes to how we think and feel about our money. Financial Virtues makes it easy to apply complex theory to your business, opening the door for deeper, more meaningful conversations with clients.

Financial Advisors learn how important it is to engage all the decision makers in a household, what it means to personalize client interactions based on insights, and how to talk about behavioral biases that are impacting financial decisions.

Future of Wealth Management and the need to create a more personal and personalized client experience

With the wealth management industry changing, it makes sense that how you grow your practice changes too.

As the industry evolved from a transaction-based business to a solution-based business, Financial Advisors had to evolve their approach. As the pace of change continues to accelerate, the role of the Financial Advisors continues to evolve. Client expectations are shifting and personal and personalized communications are now expected.

Data and technology will play a big role in the future of wealth management, but so will human interactions. It is important to recognize the need for emotional intelligence and the essential role of the Financial Advisor in the process of personalizing the client experience.

Atlas Point Speakers

Carrie Nelson


Carrie Nelson is a corporate executive-turned-entrepreneur who is passionate about helping Financial Advisors and investors have better, more empathetic financial conversations. Carrie brings over 20 years of experience to Atlas Point, including significant practical knowledge in consulting, business development and entrepreneurship. She gained much of her expertise in her roles as a data strategy leader at Experian, a Principal at EY and the head of Firm Strategy at Edward Jones.

Through her wealth management consulting experience, Carrie identified an opportunity to connect character science and behavioral finance in a way that allows investors to express how they think and feel about money. This powerful combination leads to more personal and personalized financial conversations and has become a core principle of Atlas Point’s products and strategy.

Carrie was a student-athlete at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and earned her degree in business administration through UNC’s Kenan-Flagler School of Business. She currently serves as the Finance Committee Chair for the Concordance Academy of Leadership’s Board of Directors.

Carrie lives in Charlotte with her husband and daughter and enjoys boating, hiking, and exploring new places with her family.

“My Financial Virtues profile highlighted for me a moment when my familiarity bias and anchoring bias was holding me back from letting go of a financial investment that was no longer serving me. The awareness allowed me to make a more rational financial decision and achieve a greater return.”

Dr. Lamar Pierce

Dr. Lamar Pierce is an economist and behavioral scientist focused on improving productivity and sales performance through experimentation and data analytics.

Lamar is Professor of Organization & Strategy at Washington University in St Louis, and was previously on the faculty at University of Texas and Carnegie Mellon University and a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution. He has published over forty peer-reviewed papers in economics, psychology, and management. His industry positions include operations management at Boeing, VP of Business Services at Wellspring, and Scientific Advisor at CivicScience and Maritz. Lamar holds a PhD from the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley as well as economics and music degrees from the University of Puget Sound.

At Atlas Point, Lamar’s focus is on enabling Financial Advisor expertise through principles of behavioral economics and psychology.

Lamar lives in St Louis with his family and enjoys hiking, piano, and playing Minecraft with his son.

“My Financial Virtues profile revealed my need to more frequently update data and evaluations on existing financial investments, as well as to better hedge risk on uncertain investments with large downsides.”