Courtney Miller

As the Head of Design at Atlas Point, Courtney leverages her years of experience in the financial services industry to create intuitive experiences that empower users to navigate the company’s many products and services. Atlas Point’s focus on using behavioral science to understand the unique and personal mindset of each client aligns perfectly with Courtney’s customer-focused approach to design. She ensures that every design decision meets both the needs of the business and the end-user, creating seamless experiences that drive customer satisfaction and business success. With her expertise in UX design, Courtney is committed to delivering innovative and effective solutions that exceed expectations.

Courtney believes in using customer-focused insights, technical feasibility, and business viability to inform product decisions that deliver seamless user experiences. Courtney thrives on interdisciplinary collaboration, leveraging different perspectives to create well-rounded solutions.

With extensive experience in the national and global banking industry, multi-line insurance companies, and finance UX consulting, Courtney has a proven track record of creating user-centered experiences that meet business goals and customer needs.

Courtney lives in sunny Melbourne, Florida; she spends time caring for her garden and hiking the local natural springs. She’s an avid crafter who loves to pick up the next craft with friends and family.

My financial Virtues profile confirmed my love for positive and upbeat financial conversations, as well as my preference for fast-paced discussions on the topic. However, it did reveal a tendency towards impulsive decisions.