Dr. Yimin Liu

Dr. Yimin Liu is a skilled technical and scientific leader who specializes in shaping company technical strategies and driving core technologies that enable new products and services. She has led multiple science and technology teams and provided thought-leading expertise in her positions as Senior Manager at Ford Motor Company, Director at Edward Jones, and Head of Data Science at Amazon. Dr. Liu has been granted more than 15 patents and has published multiple papers in prestigious international journals.

As Atlas Point’s CTO, Dr. Liu launches simplified, efficient, and effective data and technical solutions that power innovative products for Financial Advisors. She accomplishes this by diligently translating Advisors’ needs into helpful technical features.

Outside of work, Yimin enjoys travelling with her husband and extended family and loves to hear travel stories.

“My Financial Virtues report helped me realize how to communicate differently and more effectively with my husband on household financial matters.”