A Platform That
Gets Results

The Atlas Point platform helps Advisors create a sustainable business they control.

Prepare your business for the future. Included in our Beacon package for $79/month.


Our self-directed platform is available on-demand

The Atlas Point platform brings coaching and consulting resources typically reserved for Fortune 500 enterprises and makes them accessible to individual Advisors and their teams.  Our scalable tools position your business for ongoing growth – all while being practical and easy to apply.

Our proven strategies help Advisors reach their goals.  We are driven by results, not activity.


Win more clients, faster

Run a more efficient business

Improve client service & team communication


Welcome to the Atlas Point platform

Agility is your ability to flex and adapt to changing environments in the industry and to adapt to your clients’ changing expectations. Our specially curated learning journeys make it easy focus on the areas in your business and build your agility.  Whether you are focused on growing your business, running your business more efficiently, or transitioning your business to a new partner Atlas Point has you covered.

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