Sweet Spots & Blind Spots Seminar

Help more investors learn about their sweet spots and blind spots when it comes to money

This program dives into human behaviors – sweet spots and blind spots – that help or hinder the achievement of financial goals. Grounded in behavioral science research, this seminar provides Financial Advisors with an engaging program to discuss:

For maximum engagement and value, Atlas Point recommends for each attendee to complete a a 5-minute Financial Virtues survey.


We’ve packaged resources to get you started

  • Ready-made presentation
  • Comprehensive facilitation guide to help you conduct the event
  • Suggested activities that engage the audience with Financial Virtues
  • Pre-event checklist

Who is the target audience for this program?

The seminar can be presented to a variety of audiences to showcase your focus on the behaviors that matter most when it comes to money.

  • Current clients and housesholds
  • Prospective clients
  • Investment clubs
  • Women investors
  • Millennial investors
  • Employer sponsored investment plan participants
  • And more…