About Us

Atlas Point leverages technology, industry experience, and behavioral science theory to help
Financial Advisors start meaningful conversations with clients.


About Atlas Point

With a proven ROI and behavioral science-backed insights, our tools enrich your relationships and position your practice for ongoing growth – all while integrating smoothly with your existing tech stack.


Personalizing Financial Services

At Atlas Point, we believe in personalized financial advice that empowers people to express how
they think and feel about their money. We support this approach with outcome-driven tools and
cutting-edge insights that guide Financial Advisors as they facilitate meaningful conversations with
clients and prospects alike. Our methodology combines the best of behavioral finance theory with
actionable coaching frameworks that make complex strategies practical and easy to apply in real life.
This is the Atlas Point advantage.

Atlas Point was founded on a simple concept – to create something of value for the industry that we
love. To do this, we conducted numerous focus groups and worked closely with Financial Advisors to
identify challenges, frustrations, and pain points in the advising process. We learned that while
Advisors may define success differently, they face a series of common concerns regardless of firm or
client segment. These early findings clarified our core goal of reimagining financial conversations as
less intimidating, more empathetic, and personal to each investor.

In pursuit of this goal, Atlas Point offers innovative technology solutions that help Financial Advisors
consider each client’s unique way of thinking about financial decision-making. With deeper
understanding as a strong foundation, Advisors can start better conversations that efficiently
address goals, tactfully respond to behavioral tendencies, and set the stage for long-term financial

Our leadership team has collectively consulted with 40+ firms in the financial services industry. We
are curious problem solvers who eagerly examine the changing wealth management landscape in
search of opportunities to enhance and optimize the person-to-person advising experience.