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With a proven ROI and behavioral science-backed insights, our tools enrich your relationships and position your practice for ongoing growth – all while integrating smoothly with your existing tech stack. Let’s get the conversation started.
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"Financial Virtues allowed my Advisor to understand me better."

of investors are willing to share more information to have a personalized experience


of women change advisors after a divorce or death

“I just had the best conversation with a client, and it was because of the talking points in the Financial Virtues report.”

Shanna Tingom, AAMS®, CFDA®, Heritage Financial Strategies

“The information Atlas Point provides helps me communicate with each member of a household uniquely.”

Rick Risley, Financial Advisor, Cetera

“Financial Virtues is the missing link to make the shift from a transactional relationship to an advisory relationship. There is no other tool at our disposal that does this.”

Kevin Irhke, CFP®, Investment Insights

“The value is there with Atlas Point. If it helps me save one client, then it’s worth it.”

Scott McAdams, Financial Professional, Knight Financial
“Financial Virtues is exactly what we were missing.”

of investment returns are lost due to emotional decision-making


of investors are not confident making investment decisions

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Financial Virtues Behavioral Assessment

  • Results based on character science and behavioral finance
  • Report that highlights underlying financial needs, strength, fears, and stress behaviors
  • Four personas and 19,000 variations of the report because your client is unique
  • Action plan to help Financial Advisors put the insights to work
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Behavioral Conversations training

  • Practical and personalized strategies to integrate behavioral conversations into your practice
  • Online, on-demand so you can move at your own pace
  • 3 hours of CE credit towards the CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, CIMC®, and RMA® certifications.
  • Financial Virtues Assessment ($39 value)
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Self-directed Coaching

  • Access to subject matter experts on topics like differentiating
  • Tools for strategic planning
  • Relevant content updated quarterly
  • Cost saving solution
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Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. Partners with Atlas Point

Innovative assessment tool for Cambridge’s thousands of financial professionals generates actionable and personalized reports with behavioral finance insights

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