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Atlas Point is an actionable behavioral science and analytics platform that leads to unique conversations, bringing Financial Professionals and their clients closer together.

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About Us

Atlas Point is a Behavioral Science and Analytic Platform

We help financial professionals and financial services organizations have more personal and personalized conversations using behavioral science backed insights with a proven ROI.

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Our Platform

Better Conversations. Better Outcomes.

Atlas Point provides scalable solutions, including client-ready behavioral surveys, insights, and financial professional success programs, to drive real results for your business.

There is no other tool at a financial professional’s disposal that drives perceived value to clients like behavioral coaching. The Atlas Point platform makes it easy.


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The Atlas Point Difference

“Financial Virtues is exactly what we were missing.”

of Atlas Point users report having more effective client conversations


of investors are willing to share more information to have a personalized experience

Atlas Point helps to keep emotions and numbers all in the same platform and I’ve never had a tool like this before.

Donna Kendrick, Financial Professional, Sephton Financial

“I just had the best conversation with a client, and it was because of the talking points in the Financial Virtues report.”

Shanna Tingom, AAMS®, CFDA®, Heritage Financial Strategies

“The information Atlas Point provides helps me communicate with each member of a household uniquely.”

Rick Risley, Financial Advisor, Cetera

“Financial Virtues is the missing link to make the shift from a transactional relationship to an advisory relationship. There is no other tool at our disposal that does this.”

Kevin Irhke, CFP®, Investment Insights

“The value is there with Atlas Point. If it helps me save one client, then it’s worth it.”

Scott McAdams, Financial Professional, Knight Financial
"Understanding my client's financial emotions means a lot to them."

increase in AUM from asset consolidation is the average for experienced Atlas Point users


of affluent Americans want a personalized digital financial experience

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You can be up and running on our platform in minutes.  We will help you gain more value through behavioral insights and create momentum for your business.


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Another Time for Financial Professionals to Shine

Our latest thought piece discusses the emotions and behaviors people will likely experience in the wake of recent banking failures.  The increased uncertainty creates another great opportunity for financial professionals to shine.  Read on to learn more about these behaviors and how financial professionals can take action to address them.

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Behavioral Finance at Atlas Point

Atlas Point takes complex academic research and makes it easy for financial professionals to apply in their business. This creates better conversations with individuals, which lead to better relationships. These better conversations and better relationships ultimately produce better outcomes for both the individual and the financial professional.

Common Challenges

Individuals say that their Financial Professional does not know them or understand their unique preferences.

Financial Professionals say differentiating and articulating the value of full-service financial advice is growing harder.

Enterprise are looking for ways to grow organically, personalize the client experience, capture the next generation and diverse segments.


Better, more personalized conversations

Consolidate assets and improve client retention

Increase referrals with new segments and grow organically

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