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Scalable, client-ready solutions and insights to help Financial Professionals have better, more personal and personalized conversations.


Financial Virtues™

Our signature Financial Virtues solution uses a 5-minute survey to identify each client or prospect’s unique approach to managing their money.  In this short 5-minute survey, Financial Professionals uncover how a person thinks and feels about their money as well as how they make decisions and where they go under stress.  Top behaviors to change are also highlighted in this report.


Pulse Checks

The Atlas Point Pulse Checks are quick 30 second check-ins with clients and prospects focused on one specific behavioral blind spot. Financial Professionals and enterprises use the pulse checks for lead generation and targeted education with current clients.



Business insights help teams prepare more efficiently for meetings and identify who to call based on select macroeconomic conditions.  Aggregated behavioral information identifies different ways to segment your clients for targeted communication campaigns.

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The Household reports identify how any combination of two or more individuals think and feel about their money.  These insights highlight the sweet spots and blind spots a household may have as well as the top behavioral biases at play for the household.  This a great conversation opener and a fun way to involve all parties in your financial conversations.

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Atlas Point offers a rolled-up view of business insights for our Enterprise clients.  Understanding financial professional personas and client personas informs firm-led marketing campaigns, financial professional training, and more.

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Self-directed coaching

The Atlas Point platform brings coaching and consulting resources typically reserved for Fortune 500 enterprises and makes them accessible to individual Financial Professionals and their teams.  Our scalable tools position your business for ongoing growth – all while being practical and easy to apply.

Our proven strategies help Advisors reach their goals.  We are driven by results, not activity.

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Personalized coaching

Your hard work and perseverance have gotten you this far. What’s next for your business, your team and your life? Hiring a personal business coach leverages your time and resources, giving you a competitive edge. Atlas Point offers experts who will listen to your story and work with you to make your business better, stronger and sustainable for the future.

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Resource Center

Our resource center helps you successfully implement behavioral conversations in your business. Whether you’re focused on growth, process improvement, or succession planning, we have the resources you need on demand to guide you.


Tailored Learning (CE Approved)

All users on our platform have access to CFP Board and Investments & Wealth Institute approved CE programs. Our curated learning journeys make it easy to focus on growing your business, running your business more efficiently, or transitioning your business to a new partner. Atlas Point has you covered.

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